What do Oscar the Grouch and PTA have in common?

Just Keep Clipping! Just Keep Clipping!

Just like Oscar the Grouch, we love TRASH!

Katie Carlson, BoxTops and Labels Coordinator

Especially those little pink BoxTops for Education and Coborn’s/Cashwise receipts with Labels for Learning points.

Why? In 2015-16, these little bits of trash brought in more than $5,000 for Kennedy Community School. No. That’s not a typo. More than $5,000 was raised just by clipping and submitting BoxTops and Labels for Learning receipts from Coborn’s/Cashwise.

Let’s keep that momentum going!

This year, as you picnic, party, and go about your business of daily sustenance, keep an eye out for the pink BoxTops. Clip them and turn them in.View a list of products that feature these little money makers.

Shopping at Coborn’s/Cashwise? More than 3,000 products earn points from Food Club to Top Care to Paws and more. Just clip the bottom of the receipt that lists the points earned and turn those in too.

There’s a wooden collection box just inside the Kennedy main doors.

This is the best up cycling yet!

Questions about Labels or BoxTops? Contact PTA Labels Coordinator Katie Carlson.



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