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Please note if you are soliciting for products or services, we will get back to you if it fits within our current goals, priorities, and planning. No need to contact multiple people, multiple times. Thanks.

Monthly Meetings
Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly PTA meetings to be a part of the planning and discussion.

Events & Activities
If you have questions about a specific event or activity, please connect with one of the following event coordinators:

Bingo Night Coordinator
Angela Vogt

Lindsay Salzbrun

Boxtops and Labels Coordinator
Katie Carlson

Elementary School Dance (Pre-k to 5) Coordinator
Tracy Zinken

KRIS Store Coordinator
Sara Yurczyk

Reflections Coordinator

Used Book Fair Coordinator
Valerie Zabloski

WalkaThon Coordinators
Sara Bye

Jennifer Salzer

PTA Officers
If you have general questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to connect with one of the officers:

Heidi L. Everett

Vice President
Angela Vogt

Katie Carlson

Nicole Folkerts

Membership Chair
Valerie Zabloski