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Join PTA by submitting your membership fee securely online. The cost is $11 per individual, and members receive a PTA Member Discount Card in the fall with great deals from area businesses.

Why PTA?
PTA works with parents, schools, and communities to advocate for proper funding, leadership, and instruction to help students succeed academically and personally.

What is PTA?
PTA is a not-for-profit organization, and the nation’s original and premier parent involvement group in schools. PTA has more than 23,000 local units and more than 5 million members nationwide. PTA units are supported by a national and state structure that provides information, resources and training. View PDF of bylaws.

PTA Membership
PTA membership is open to anyone. PTA members vote on the annual budget and leadership elections. PTA members also receive the popular Kennedy Colt Discount Card for great deals from local businesses.

PTA Membership fees support PTA activities as well as required dues payable to the State and National PTA.

Annual individual membership fee: $11
(per National and State PTA bylaws, family memberships are not available) 

To become a member of the Kennedy Community School PTA, submit your membership fee securely online.

Or, please download the form, print it, and submit it to the school office with payment: PTA Membership Form 2017-18

PTA members receive a Colts Discount Card for savings on products and services from local businesses.